Science Ventures

Poised to fuel the next disruptive consumer companies. Our venture funds support seed and early-stage follow-on investments from the studio as well as select seed and series A investment opportunities outside of the studio. Science partners with a global network of investors ranging from institutional to UHNW for primary fund, co-investment and syndication opportunities. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more:

Fund Team

Dynamic leadership team with complementary abilities. With decades of combined experience, we've collectively seen more than

$5B in exits and 9 years of
work together.
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Investment Themes

Authentic Brands

Authoritative brands no longer have any authority. In our consulting work, we A/B tested a new brand and a 123-year-old legacy brand.

The new brand out performed the legacy by 300%. $17B+ in industry sales have shifted away from large companies to smaller players since 2013.

Mobile Entertainment

TV is dying, and people are tired of switching between the same 3 apps on their phone. This leaves a white space for new forms of mobile entertainment.

Global revenues in mobile entertainment are expected to double by 2022 from $58.4B to $128.1B.

Experience & eSports

We’re looking for experience businesses that take our eyes off the screen.

Experience-spending is growing 1.5x more than overall personal consumption and 4x faster than expenditures on goods.

Read more on our key investing trends here.

Diversity Among Science Founders

Fund II Capital Invested: 65% in Diverse Founders
White Male Founders
$51.1M invested in 32 companies

65% invested in Diverse Founders

25% invested in Female Founders

23% invested in Black Founders (43% of NAV)

35% invested in POC Founders

8% invested in Geographically Diverse (outside LA)

Science Fund III Studio Pipeline: 82% Diverse Founders
White Male Founders
11 Studio III companies

82% Diverse Founders (Non-White Males)

36% Female Founders

18% Black Founders

55% POC Founders

45% Geographically Diverse (outside LA)

Early Success


Dollar Shave Club started the direct to consumer subscription revolution

Famebit was the largest influencer network on YouTube and acquired by Google

Hello Society is the largest influencer network on Pinterest and acquired by the NYT

Dogvacay is a pet boarding marketplace and merged with Rover in 2018